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Headwaters Soap Co.

From the Missouri Headwaters, right to your door!



I have been using the lavender soap for about two weeks on my face. No more dry skin and the fragrance is just perfect for my comfort. I would recommend this product to anyone that can use soap on their skin. Thank you for your time and dedication for a healthy skin soap.  


I have bathed with homemade soaps for many years and like to know they are pure and good for my skin. Headwaters Soap is amazing and I love the way it makes my skin feel after using... Soft and fresh! Can't wait to try other scents!


Nothing like starting the day in the shower with this coffee soap... It's so gentle on the skin and smells good too!


This balm is fantastic! I use it on my daughter's sensitive skin/eczema and on my own skin. The scent is wonderful, just enough to smell it on your skin but not overpowering. Makes your skin very soft without being greasy.


I just got the Sunrise Citrus lotion - It feels so good and soaks right in. I am usually sensitive to scents and thought that this would be too much. But instead I am ordering another bottle.